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Definitely would retweet

klance is so damn canon and i swear to god if keith ends up with allura i will flip a table and eat a bagel in rage

I don't even know why I pinned this...what's wrong with me...

I don't even know why I pinned this.what's wrong with me. << um nothing this is perfection

Well nobody said he was the smartest

this is the best Earth has to offer" says Coran as he watches Keith and Lance dive their lions head first into the sand.

Hmmmm I wonder why~

well if I was around Keith I would be red all day too

"Nope. Don't remember. Didn't happen." TBH, I laughed so hard at that part lol

I was reading a fanfic and Lance's entire family got murdered and I suddenly thought of this and laughed and I feel so bad!