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"having no regrets is all that she really wants" too late i already have one

that would've been the greatest thing to ever happen had I gotten to go to an up all night concert because they were fetus and not many people knew about them yet and it would've been in a smaller venue plus cheaper tickets lol

You just described every good looking self respecting Irish boy in EXISTENCE

Ugh it's sad that my ideal boy is Niall Horan and I have to share him with millions of girls

This. This is me later in life! *sobs uncontrollably*

*sobs uncontrollably * *harry voice* If we could only have this life for one more day.

How to forget 1D like it never existed.- A book by Zayn Malik.

This hurt me like a brick on my face. This must be very difficult for Zayn too OK this is his choice and just let him be the way he wants to be. This is very hurtful

Its been a year since their concert and I'm so sad.

and i thought zayn was mexican BOY WAS I WRONG harry and liam was a nightmare to decide which was which

Sooooooo true it was the best day EVER

Still haven't.


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Why can I imagine this happening?

But that's one of the reasons that makes them so different and I live them for it ♡♡

But that's one of the reasons that makes them so different and I live them for it ♡♡

OMG, whenever I hear anything remotely related to 1D this is exactly what I do..

I shall do this when I go to college so I can immediately find my people :)

You know you're a Directioner when; you laugh so hard you almost pee at Niall with the luscious locks...

I miss these video diaries guys.>> oh boy, those locks though!