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the colourful sky art by Chillisart

Sonic the Hedgehog- By Xifox

Very Low Quality video of the making of this fanart, you can check it here on youtube: And yes, I recorded it with a potato. ------------------------------------------------------------------------...

yaaaaaaaay by lujji

Speed Highway ! Sonic looks scared xD

Fan-art of Sonic in Speed Highway.

Hidden underneath the metal shell of Metal Sonic you have seen is this true form. He does unveil himself after some time... On the outside he's a twisted foe ready to kill anyone who gets in his wa...

Sonic discovers more than one way to give Amy a kiss!


Sonic is being sweet. Knuckles is being bashful and sweet. Shadow was acting cool and sweet.

Red and Blue~

Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow

Sonic pole dancing by hitonatsu

Sonic pole dancing by hitonatsu Haha mephiles!

Tvult 1-1 by knockabiller on DeviantArt

Hur hur artist too lazy to draw backgrounds,? i m out of this comic (goes through door ends up in hell) ~ PROCEED> <RETREAT Tvult

Sonic by chillisart

Sonic the Hedgehog

By dsg

By dsg

Super Silver (read the description) by KetrinDarkDragon on DeviantArt

Super Silver (read the description)

KKKkkk Sonic BEBÊ quer cachorro quente que...fofo...

Aww sonic why do classic that way?

WATCH YOUR BACK by Frankyding90 on DeviantArt

I synthesize with Shadow at the end

Blaze and Silver Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary fan arts ©1991-2011 SEGA By Nerkin 2011

Blaze and Silver Sonic the Hedgehog Anniversary fan arts SEGA By…

Amy Rose Moe? by KiwiSharku on DeviantArt

by KiwiSharku on DeviantArt

GREEN SONIC HILL - SILVER CRISIS this is so cool!!!!

Sonic / Green Hill Zone --- Silver / Crisis City (between worlds)