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Whenever he is around, my heart stops beating for like a second and my stomach is in knots and I'm way too shy around him. And he had some chances, and he tried so hard, but I RAN AWAY!

Harry Potter Guess Who. This would be a fun game to play at a party!

Thats.... its the saddest thing I ever read.

What if Filch's cat, Mrs. Norris, was actually a teacher who was mistakenly transformed into the cat but she and Filch were in love?

I wasn't really laughing until I saw the look on minion Dumbledore's face.

Harry Potter Minions ⚡ Two of my favorite things together! (Only, it bugs me that Fred & George don't both have 1 eye.or Everyone knows that, minion or not, Fred & George are IDENTICAL!

It gets a little better every day.

Sad Love Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote One day everything that hurts us will only be remembered by the good things, the great memories that will always make us smile.

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"I love the island, I love my family; my tribe but for you, You, I'd leave it all..."

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