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Ella y él -  ¡¡Tremenda fotografía y la historia que podría encerrar!! http://www.guiasdemujer.es/st/uncategorized/Ella-y-el-5421

Riot police and protesters share a cry together [Sofia, Bulgaria, protest was against the socialist - backed Government, known as "Red Mafia"

Imagen de women

On February I invite you to join 1 Billion Rising to stop violence against women. There are events worldwide that are drumming and dancing in support of ending violence and breaking the chain.

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The Occupy movement in the US in 2011 saw protesters in varied forms. In this powerful image, students at UC Davis sat in a row as Lt. John Pike pepper-sprayed them.



Stories like this are why I made sure to check the organ donor box on my license

The definition of a true hero…

This Iranian Firefighter, Omid Abassi, saved a 9 years old girl by giving his oxygen mask to her, became brain dead then his body organs saved 4 other lives. Faith in Humanity.

Rebel children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory. ~ Russell Brand

Child abuse satire essay on obesity Report Abuse Home > Opinion > Discrimination > Satirical Proposal Satirical Proposal. Obesity isn't just a normal.

Il bacio della vittoria

Il bacio della Vittoria: storia di una foto (in realtà, di due

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"Come on, Sethy," Beckett gasps, grabbing his friend's hand. His words catch in his throat. "You're gonna be okay."

when the cacaphony of blood fills your ears, hear the voice of war tell you 'survive'

All major US cities hit with minimum wage rallies

Fast Food Strikers Link Minimum Wage Effort to Eric Garner

What I love about this picture is that she would rather die that live without her boy so she now has two guns pointed at her one gun on the officer a gun on the boy and a sword to the officers neck. I think that is metal as fuck.

monobeartheater: illvillainz: cruelladetrillaa: Haitian woman defending her son in the Dominican Republic. This picture is raw damn this woman is a strong mother fucking person power to the people A powerful photo, look at her eyes man

Enough said

In the end anti-black, anti-female, and all forms of discrimination are equivalent to the same thing: anti-humanism. Girls Re(write) Herstory: Shirley Chisholm on Discrimination

Truth and justice prevailed! Snopes.com says he resigned, unconditionally and irrevocably!! But the bum still deserves jail time for this.

Rhode Island "Police Officer" EDWARD KRAWETZ recieved NO jail time for this brutal assault on this seated AND handcuffed woman. Now he wants his job back.

John Wick (2014)

25 movies to watch when you're bored.

Summary John Wick is a mob hit man who, upon falling in love, quits.