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'Gravity' Alternative Poster Design by Janée Meadows

Riffing on the classic Akira Poster for Baby Driver…

By Ben Whitesell

This Is What The 'Gravity' Movie Posters Should Have Looked Like

Alternate Gravity Poster by Ben Whitesell

"And we can live like Jack & Sally if we want and we'll have Halloween on Christmas..." - Blink-182

There is a symmetrical balance to the placement of graphic elements in the center of the poster to create the face of Jack Skellington, the film's protagonist. -------- The Nightmare Before Christmas Poster - excites - the Portfolio of Simon C.

The Revenant movie poster. © Ross Powles Design Prints available at https://www.etsy.com/listing/265424107/the-revenant-movie-poster

"The Revenant" - Alejandro Iñárritu - Poster - Ross Powles

#Pixar characters simplified to their essence by designer Wochan Lee #graphicdesign

Pixar Characters, Reduced To Their Essence In Simple, Tender Logos

My favorite Wonchan Lee minimalist Pixar Movie Poster: Monsters, Inc.

The Fifth Element (1997) [513x769] : MoviePosterPorn

Cool Art: 'The Fifth Element' by Kilian Eng (Variant Edition)

La otra versión de los carteles cinematográficos - Cultura Colectiva - Cultura Colectiva

La otra versión de los carteles cinematográficos

Gravity by Paul Jeffery

Alternative movie posters

Cool Alternative ‘The Shining’ Posters

The Shining - movie poster - Thomas Walker

Viagem à Lua (Le voyage dans la lune, 1902). Curta-metragem de 13 minutos com direito a todo talento, imaginação e criatividade de Georges Méliès. O foguete aterrisando no olho da lua é apenas uma imagem clássica dessa pequena obra-prima com cenários pintados à mão e selenitas com fantasias incríveis. Assista "A Invenção de Hugo Cabret" e entenda um pouco mais o mundo de Georges Méliès.

"A Trip to the Moon" (French: Le Voyage dans la lune) is a 1902 French black-and-white silent science fiction film. It is based loosely on two popular novels of the time: Jules Verne's From the Earth to the Moon and H. Wells' The First Men in the Moon.