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90's cartoons were the best!

Funny pictures about Why being a kid was awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Why being a kid was awesome. Also, Why being a kid was awesome photos.

⇢|| http://morphyauctions.auctionflex.com/showlot.ap?co=31120&weid=23164&weiid=8452936&archive=y&lso=lotnumasc&pagenum=28&lang=En ⇢|| Antique Blown Glass Doll Eyes

45 pairs of antique glass doll eyes on original weighted rockers for large to small dolls; 12 pair eyes on rockers missing one eye; 25 single eyes of various sizes, six eyeless rockers, a few repro eyes, also.

submission ——the front door / george wylesol / wylesol.tumblr.com / www.wylesol.com

just finished a project i have been working on for a long time now, PINK is a 16 pg, newspaper zine, with 7 full-page illustrations and 5 short stories. here are some finished pieces from it. stay tuned for ordering info.

Delphine Leboirgeois

Kiki Smith , Wolf Girl Sebastiano recently gave me for my birthday the beautiful catalog of the 2005 Mart exhibition .


Post-its aren't just office supplies anymore.

Architect Uses 30,000 Post-It Notes as Building Blocks

STICKY NOTE STRUCTURES / YO SHIMADA Conceived in cooperation with students of Kyoto university of art and design. The installation was composed of 30 thousand post it colored, to form building.

The End - Erika Lima After finishing Dragon Quest VII 3DS

The End - Erika Lima After finishing Dragon Quest VII 3DS


Assume Vivid Astro Focus

Comme Des Garcons landing page, Super Cool Photo-collage!