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This is the type of orangutan that oranges is and how she symbolizes a motherly figure


Original fine art photographic print of an orangutan baby - by award winning wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas❤️

Yes, its me .. now go and find my Mum.. or kill the bastards that killed her....... oh yes and all the Palm Oil users too while you are about it.......

A rescued orphan baby orangutan - photo © Orangutan Foundation International

Humans should learn from animals…

Humans should learn from animals…

A Chimpanzee Adopts An Orphaned Puma Cub oh my goodness my heart just melted

Google Tears in the Jungle...Inspirational account of a quest to save the Orangutans.

Baby Monkey

Daniel Clarke holding a baby Orangutan. He & his brother, William, have fought to save the Orangutans of Borneo and have inspired the book, "Tears in the Jungle".

There's no moral difference between the animals, birds, fish, and insects we hunt, those we use for entertainment, those we kill for food and use as commodities, and those we love as members of our families. All animals, birds, fish and insects are sentient and have a right to live. Go vegan and stay vegan for them. It's the least we can do. Start here: www.befairbevegan.com Adopt, spay and neuter your companion animals!

Mother Orangutan & her baby. ("Parece que nos quisiese decir: este es mi hijo")