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Acción de Gracias-y-Otoño-Nail Art--Designs-para-2012_04

Lots of new things on The World Of Nails. New poll question, new pics in the misc gallery and taking a look back to the Romans and their obsession with beauty.

Please agenda manicure with altered geometric proportions. In particular, stylists acclaim to use attenuate and blubbery curve back creating a distinct manicure. Manicure in a minimalist appearance with attenuate lines, which characterize geometric shapes or accommodation are additionally in trend. It looks actual natural. In particular, masters acclaim to actualize it on a white or … Continue reading NAIL ART FOR FALL 2017 →

A wonderful looking fall tree nail art design using clear background, black polish for the tree and orange sequins for the leaves.


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Beautiful Makeup Ideas Nail Art Designs Summer 2014

Nail art has become very fashionable and people set new trends for every holiday. Take a look at this post and you can see 18 Thanksgiving Nail Art Ideas.


fancy black tie nail tutorial - Too Cute! Might try this next weekend for a black & white bday bash!

Uñas de Navidad – 50 excelentes ideas #Nails #Christmas #Navidad

After you choose perfect Christmas decorations for your home, you decide what you are going to cook for the holiday lunch and you choose your perfect Chris