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ALLPE Medio Ambiente Blog Medioambiente.org : ¿Cómo serían los animales si fueran tan gordos como los humanos?

Supposing for a second that animals were as obese as humans, these humourous pictures of fat and chubby creatures imagine a world where obesity was not just confined to over indulgent human's but included the animal kingdom too.

The sign says it all. | #HuffingtonPost.com | #cats #humor

These Animals May Look Cute, But Don't Be Fooled. They Are Vicious Creatures.

Weekend over

Weekend over

#прикольные картинки Забавные картинки с утра.

#прикольные картинки Забавные картинки с утра.

Freedom!! Unstoppable lol


Funny pictures about Cockatoo prison break. Oh, and cool pics about Cockatoo prison break. Also, Cockatoo prison break.

*cough cough* Jace and Will Herondale. *cough cough* and that duck is creepy" "Never trust a duck"-Will Herondale

Stick to Your Goals This Year by Using Identity-Based Habits

Anatidaephobia: The fear that wherever you are and wherever you go, a duck is somehow watching you. Anatidaephobia is derived from the Greek word "anatidae", meaning ducks, geese or swans and "phobos" meaning fear.


Sharing breakfast: A fruit bat and a butterfly share some pineapple.



i finally found garfield!

Funny pictures about Real Life Garfield? Oh, and cool pics about Real Life Garfield? Also, Real Life Garfield?

Dog Humor In Dishwasher.  Wrigley would totally do this if he could!

Sick of opening your dishwasher and thinking the dog could have licked those dishes cleaner? It's not your dishwasher, it's the detergent! This site tells you what to add to your dish detergent to make it work properly again!

I thought it was the kids in my building - now I know better!! Cat Cats Kitty Kitties Kitten Kittens Feline Katze chat gatto cat котэ  kočka druku gato katt macska tulostettava Art Photos LOLs

The 27 Naughtiest Cats In The World. You'll Crack Up When You Find Out What They Did.