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Love it!

Dead - Narcissa became a big bad ass. Not dead - The words that made Sherlock the biggest ass in fictional history xD

Rule of tumblr: If you post a picture of a hedgehog or an otter, the Sherlockians will find you.

If you post a picture of a hedgehog or an otter, the Sherlockians will find you.

Fandoms and where they'd end up if they lived the canon

The Lunar Chronicles fans wake up to the end on the World War, as peace is settled and humanity is rebuilding society<<<YES! And Kingdom Keepers fans wake up to find out that the Keepers just saved them from SBS

Dear Belibers,  Seeing as we're a part of tumblr, I just want you to know that almost all of our characters have died (so emotional training), we come in by the thousands, we're untrollable (even 4chan can't mess with us), and our creator himself is badass as hell.  (Not really) Love~ The Homestuck fandom

Dear Beliebers You already angered the Supernatural Fandom. You Got the Whovians going after you and the Sherlockians.the Fangirls. And now we are coming Sincerely The Whole Hetalia Fandom P.

LORD OF THE RINGGSSSS!!! the funny thing is i actually thought that when i first saw the thing at the top #TrueRinger

The meaning of ‘one…’

Viktor Krum, Harry Potter, hp

I started shipping viktor/Hermione before Ron/Hermione ever entered my mind

Oh my goodness!! But if I was there- they'd have to put me in a straight jacket and then tie me to a chair. I'm a part of all these fandoms!!!! :P

Oh my fandom.<< so no roof, phone booths, statues, no eye patches and no salt shakers. Haha gotcha I have my own salt.

Who else can relate?

That happened last night! Every night I turn my lights off then remember I need to charge my phone. So, I get up and try to plug it in.but it'll just look like I'm an alcoholic.