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Before there was the master cellist Yo-Yo Ma, there was his master instructor, that master of masters of the cello . . . , Yo-Yo Da. Betcha didn't see that coming, right? ;)

Only problem here is that this is an upright bass, not a cello. Because you KNOW he's standing on a bar stool to be able to play that double bass!


French horn humor <<< hey i play the trumpet :) <<<<I took French horn lessons once. I sucked

Yes, the last one is accurate

My musical friends will understand this. --- Band geek humor is the best kind.

Ppft don't sit! XD  this is hilarious// Reminds me of Piano Guys Mission Impossible music video..

I actually marched my bass in a marching orchestra in the Nevada Day Parade in We used straps and wheels.

Bottom of the ninth, bassists loaded.

Tickled Beethoven's Ninth. It was the bottom of the ninth, and the bassists were loaded.

#Music #joke "It's no mystery you feel a song coming on . . . You have a staff infection."

music joke - it's no wonder you feel a song coming on, you've got a staff infection


Wacky instruments - for some reason the piccolo trombone made me laugh really hard

Prepare to die.

Thou shalt not touch my french horn without signing thine permission slip. Whosoever proceeds without permission shall be executed.