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Planet Of Storms (USSR 1962) - The design of the spacesuits are similar to the Prometheus spacesuits.

scifi film Planet Of Storms (USSR - The design of the spacesuits are wery similar to the Prometheus spacesuits!

http://gencept.com/the-future-past-by-david-emmite  David Emmite

David Emmite is a photographer, who began his career in photography after a short stint in a diaper factory in his hometown of Paris, Texas.

vintage sci fi art - Google Search

Villains at the Lair ~ Atompunk Cocktail Party

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Great costume....aliens of the 50's & 60's

i wish ♥_♥ Space Babe. From Novocaine Lipstick. I am looking for and scifi covers featuring women. This is close but they don't usually wear this much.