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Life as an Intuitive Empath. My intuition is my inner compass. My guide. I have learned to trust my first instinct, vibes I receive from people and environments. It has been life-saving for me. It's that serious.

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Easy Meditation Tips. Tips for Meditation/ Meditation Tips and Tricks. Some Beginner tips on meditation/ Tips for Beginning Meditation.

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Basic knowledge about your chakras and how to open them. Text from "Avatar - the last airbender" loved that this was in a kids movie!


You Are Like A Crystal

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9 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break

9 Ways to Give Your Brain a Break. Breaking the cycle of negative or distorted thinking, habits or rituals.

Chakra System.- ... The chakras are located along the length of the spine starting at the base of the spine, in the sacral region, and travels all the way up to the crown of the head. Each chakra holds a specific frequency which can be associated to a specific colour and sound wave. ...

Blanchard shares his awakening and spiritual awareness that came through his mystical experiences at the Oneness University in India.

Free mini email course. Introductory to the chakras. A beginners guide to the chakras and energy blocks. How to clear energy blocks and what each chakra influences. Chakra meditation and additional chakra resources. Explore and learn about your chakras with "Chakra Child" so that you can clear your energy blocks and live a balanced life of harmony with your own body, life and the universe

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free mini course on healing your chakras and clearing energy blocks within them so that you can live a happy, balanced life of ease and harmony within the u

A Spiritual and Energetic Guide to the 13 Chakras | The Galactic Free Press

A Spiritual and Energetic Guide to the 13 Chakras

Vibrational Manifestation - 12 chakras and more info on this site. - Bird Watcher Reveals Controversial Missing Link You NEED To Know To Manifest The Life You've Always Dreamed