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When the CEO of AMC Theatres says they are thinking of allowing phone use during movies to attract Millennial Customers.

MRW I heard Samsung got the patent rights to create a contact lens camera.

Does "Archer" Have Asperger's Syndrome? This Fan Theory Believes He Does - Clipd.com

Do you want Archer quotes? Because that’s how you get Archer quotes!

There aren't words to describe how much I love this•

Wednesday: The later years

"You'd be prettier if you smiled" More Like Wensday Addams, Am I Right

15 Spanish Phrasal Verbs That You’ll Hear Absolutely Everywhere

There have been countless iterations of spy TV shows and movies, but there has never been a character quite like Sterling Archer. Part suave special agent, part emotionally damaged head case, Sterl.

"Because that's how you get ants." Archer on FX

Binge watching Archer Right now and I’m dying laughing

Shut your dick holster!

Shut your dick holster!

Funny Screencaps (5) | Pleated-Jeans.com

22 Funny TV and Movie Screencaps

Archer iPhone Wallpaper by Mikeyj110 on DeviantArt

ISIS special agent Sterling Archer - he is the best

Boss promises raise more than a year ago. Gets mad work isn't getting done fast enough.

Meanwhile in Bangladesh

Sterling Archer. I have a crush on a narcissistic cartoon...who have I mentioned is totally HOT

I have a crush on a narcissistic cartoon.who have I mentioned is totally HOT

Barry, are people over using the archer meme?. Yes they are other barry...yes they are.

Barry, are people over using the archer meme? Yes they are other barry.

The similarities are eerily similar...

Sterling Archer- the story of my life. "I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the deafening sound of my own awesomeness." This was me tonight whooping my husband and daughter at darts!

Not all pranks are created equal

Yup imma do this. Then I saw archer and lost it😂

You should place your fiancée in front of a slow computer before getting…

Archer - this is the alarm on my phone :-p

Archer - this is the alarm on my phone

I love this show                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Archer equivalent to picking your own switch