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Or when I'm in a mood and anyone talks to me

or when someone starts talking to you WITH headphones on, like bitch, this generation signifies that headphones are a sign of "don't talk to me"

so true like whenever I open my phone I smile because Shawn is my screen and home wallpaper and then people ask me what are u doing? Then I be like,"Watching my boyfriend smile." Then they jump to me to see it and they be,"OMFG" LOL!!!!!

For me (personally) the pic would need to be the Dolan Twins and replace "Shawn" with Ethan & Grayson

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Me at school mornings when my 16 year old bro puts 100000000 sprays of cologne I'm like: *cough cough* ACKKKKK

I still love you Jacob...…its just that this is funny!

Honestly I hope more people start liking Jacob instead so that Shawn's fans cut down to just the fam