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The Space.

Lee testing the ‘Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue (SAFER) system’, 130 nautical miles above earth.

Challenger Disaster As It Happened. The part that's difficult to believe was that the crew survived the explosion. At least 3 of the 7 crew members were conscious after the explosion. What makes it infinitely more horrible was the fact they were fully alert during the 2min and 45 sec as the cabin fell from 65,000 ft back to earth at 207mph. ‪#‎nasamismanagement‬ ‪#‎costcutting‬ ‪#‎schedulepressures‬

Long-Forgotten Photographs Reveal Challenger Disaster As It Happened

January 1986 - Nasa Challenger Disaster Long-Forgotten Photographs Reveal Challenger Disaster As It Happened.


dequalized: “The last launch of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, as photographed by Dan Winters, an award-winning photographer based in Austin, Los Angeles. Last Launch is a book by Dan Winters which is a.

Apollo 11

July 16 - Anniversary of Apollo 11 Take Off - 54 years! Can you see any strings?


The last men on the Moon. 's Astronaut Eugene Cernan walks on the Moon. Commander of the mission and last man on the moon Gene Cernan said after leaving the surface of moon, looking back at Earth that "Man had to know that there was a Creator"

Frozen Waves, a Unique Nature Display in Antarctica - Tourism On The Edge

Funny pictures about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Oh, and cool pics about Frozen Wave in Antarctica. Also, Frozen Wave in Antarctica.

This just amazes me

(April Astronaut Charles M., Lunar Module pilot of the Apollo 16 mission, is photographed collecting lunar samples at Station no. 1 during the first Apollo 16 extravehicular activity at the Descartes landing site.

Sky Diving From Space

Red Bull Stratos: 1 man's attempt to transcend human limits with a free-fall jump from the edge of space? Come in Felix Baumgartner and Red Bull Stratos.