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Female Cardinals in Winter

Bird Photo Winter Snow Cardinals Fine Art Color by FeathersAndFlora - These are female cardinals, their color being much duller than males.

9ae14933847db621524aad61523a2156.jpg 494×640 pixels

9ae14933847db621524aad61523a2156.jpg 494×640 pixels

Magic of winter

Can see a red cardinal on tree on a snowy day through the window - magical!

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After my father died – – I had a flood of Cardinals in my yard for some reason. Now whenever I see a cardinal, I like to think my dad is watching over me.

IMG_2666.JPG 1,066×1,600 pixels

IMG_2666.JPG 1,066×1,600 pixels


Jerry Gadamus Frosty's Cardinals

Frosty's Cardinals is another great Jerry Gadamus bird print. A pair of cardinals are using Frosty the Snowman's head as a perch on a snowy winter day. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.