Yarn Bombing happens worldwide to anything at any given time....wonderful colorful art.

The classic red telephone box, transformed into a hipster. Can you see Big Ben in the background? I love London city!

crochet bike! What an amazing piece of art. http://restreet.altervista.org/guerrilla-knitting-la-street-art-delle-casalinghe/

Yesterday in my bike shop, I tried to explain the concept of skirt guards to the salesperson. Should have shown her this: crochet bike

Uncinetto e gomitoli, capolavori di street art

Uncinetto e gomitoli, capolavori di street art - Repubblica.it

projets yarnbombing / Yarnbombing, crochet banch in a park ; Not Your Grandma's Knitting: 20 Funky Yarn Bombs

Bus stop yarn bomb hat

Lanas en la ciudad VIII

now thats what I call a bobble hat bus stop for ramblers no doubt . Bus stop yarn bomb art hat. Must have taken a looong time to knit!

I don't speak Finnish so I'm not sure, but it looks like yarn bombing. Beautiful, anyway.

These crochet decorated bus seats, is art installation by the Finnish artist, Vesanen Virpi Laukkanen. It’s called Lace Bus and is part of the OTTO shows, hosted by the Art Museum Vantaa, Fin…