Six additional word endings are hidden under the smaller paper plate, but are revealed as you spin. You can practice by matching each of the 12 word endings with a single initial consonant or by sliding all 6 initial consonants by the same word ending.

Word Family Wheels

Supporting Students Through Word Study

Onset and rime. The importance of incorporating a daily word study routine into your teaching schedule cannot be overstated. In contrast to designing activities that require drill and memorization, word study enc.

Word Family Wheels - Mud Hut Mama (for those who are ready)

This weeks preschool homeschool included paper plate word family wheels, things that go together worksheets and the highlight - making Oobleck!

Phonics #1: Plate activity--Put two plates together and secure with fastener in middle.  Cut a 2 cm window on top plate.  Write a rime word on top plate and clusters or letters around to show through window on bottom plate.  When students turn bottom plate they can read each new word that is formed by the next beginning cluster or letters that show through window.

Paper Plate Phonics

Word Family Word Sort (cut and paste)!

October NO PREP Math and Literacy (Kindergarten)

Word Family Pumpkins- Read the CVC words on the pumpkins and paste it to the correct wagon. Fun reading activities for beginning and struggling readers in Kindergarten!

Word Family Garden. Crafty way to help children learn to rhyme and read word families.

Word Family Garden

Word family garden helps children learn to rhyme, spell and read word families. via playdough to Plato.


Roll, Read and Colour a Word Family Word - from S. Little - I'll make similar sheets with non-sense CVC words that match the Jolly Phonics letters we've learned. As the year progresses, these could be made more challenging by using CCVC words.

word families  Found these paint samples at WM (with the circle punch out)

Simple Reading Activity with word families on paint samples. Easy way to practice reading simple words, just use a circle hole punch. **Similar to the 2 stereo-foam cup idea I found in the centers from A to Z book

What a great hands-on literacy activity to try! Teaching word families with ping pong balls!

Teaching Word Families with Ping Pong Balls

Use ping pong balls when teaching word families! This hands-on literacy activity also gives children the chance to practice their fine motor skills.

Word Families Read and Sort Activity with plastic spoons and paper cups. So fun!!

Word Families Reading Activity With Spoons

A Differentiated Kindergarten: Differentiating Word Family Study

Differentiating Word Family Study

Teaching Word Families Tips and resource ideas

word families, another great homeschooling "game" addition for phonics as my girl becomes a more fluent reader.