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Christian Hopkins. After.

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"Bus stop wet day, she's there I say, 'Please share my umbrella.' Bus stops bus goes, she stays love grows, under my umbrella." -The Hollies

Young Photographer Takes Surreal Self-Portraits to Cope with Depression - My Modern Metropolis

Young Photographer Takes Surreal Self-Portraits to Cope with Depression


Fotógrafo cria imagens para o ajudar a lidar com a depressão

Photo-montage by Erin Chase. I purely loved how these three images work together as a triptych. Very clever. The landscapes used seem to be endless and seem to be quite serene and isolated

Execution of the butterfly - Christian Hopkins

Execution of the butterfly - Christian Hopkins. this image intrigues me, as his wings are made out of dead tree branches, suggesting that his wings are broken or dead. However trees grow back, suggesting that not all is lost,

Not ninja shoes. Just a pair of shoes with some swimming Vashta Nerada. Count the shadows....

Spanish art director Pol Ubeda made this series over a little identity crisis he had. “My shadow is there but I erased myself because I don´t know who I am any longer. The shoes remain only to make sure there is something more than… a shadow.


Photographer Christian Hopkins represents his struggle with depression in 24 aching, evocative images.

O fotógrafo Edward Honaker criou uma série de autorretratos traduzindo suas próprias experiências com depressão e ansiedade. - Fotografia Profissional

Fotógrafo documenta depressão através de autorretratos - FotoPro

digital art / design / creative

I find this image to be really creative because it shows skiers and snowboarders on what is supposed to be snow but is actually a white tablecloth Surreal Photo Manipulations by Thomas Barbéy