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Iain Blake is an amateur photographer working in the emergency service sector in Renfrew, Scotland, the Stone Footprints photo series is quite simple yet creative concept. Enjoy!

Stone Footprints by Iain Blake

In between the stepping stones ♥  Think this is a photo of pink phlox, which also flowers in incredible purple too!!!!
wabi sabi - Google zoeken
Sit stil have a Zen moment ... Balance & Reflection....Take your Time.... .........Go on.....
Someone was bored...

Someone was bored...

you must bring balance to your life . . . or maybe just your rock collection. #art #landart #balance

Richard Shilling's Land Art Finds Beauty in Nature

Slate tiles – both old, repurposed roofing tiles or slate designed for interior tile projects – may be painted with several different types of paint. No matter which type of paint you use, the slate must be clean and free of debris in order for the paint to adhere well.

Can You Paint Slate Tiles