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I have my own plane to play  http://amazinglytimedphotos.com/i-have-my-own-plane-to-play/#.VCh2TEt_zLQ

Funny pictures about Men and their toys. Oh, and cool pics about Men and their toys. Also, Men and their toys photos.

3.bp.blogspot.com -ZVNb0Cy5qD0 WQEm4diDfDI AAAAAAAAmkg VcH1qUIuwioR98CtKcfXxGALAu3p3Y-uQCLcB s1600 Debbie%2BHarry.jpg

forever-blondie: “ “Debbie Harry photographed by Chris Stein ” ”

Best way to beat the heat  http://amazinglytimedphotos.com/best-way-to-beat-the-heat/#.VCh2oEt_zLQ

The elephant "car wash" is positively awesome! Actually this is a photograph of an elephant spraying zebras with water to keep them away from the waterhole. Amazing shot of a South Africa or Cape Town Safari


Want to eat bubbles  http://amazinglytimedphotos.com/want-to-eat-bubbles/#.VCh2CUt_zLQ

Let me catch you The Amazing Funny Pic that is unbelievable and take a perfectly timed photo with using different objects and living thing.

No birds does not mean no birds  http://amazinglytimedphotos.com/no-birds-does-not-mean-no-birds/#.VCh1mEt_zLQ

Now it's not like I want a seagull but I guess I'd have to say I want THIS particular seagull. Why? Because it didn't read the sign hence it broke a rule. It is a rebellious animal. And I love a rebel.

El #momentovichy de @LaCaprichossa (Vanessa Martinez)

El #momentovichy de @LaCaprichossa (Vanessa Martinez)