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Education, That's 100 most valuable images of owls. Of all times and peoples

<3i love this dress.

passion (ZsaZsa Bellagio)

Beautiful owl on a fence post. It looks like she is wearing a skirt of feathers.

little owl sheltering

little owl sheltering

Black Barn Owl and normal Barn Owl.  Blacks are mutant and would be killed by other owls the wild but this one was forn at Herford Owl Rescue

Pictured: The 100,000-to-one black barn owl

Black Barn Owl and normal Barn Owl. Black owls are mutant and would be killed by other owls the wild but this one was forn at Herford Owl Rescue

Daily-Owls My mom would've liked him.

The Northern Pygmy Owl, Glaucidium gnoma, is a small owl native to North and Central America. Photo by Chris Wood

This Beautiful Blind Rescued Owl Has Stars In His Eyes

Zeus the Starry eyed blind owl One morning, someone in Southern California found an injured owl on their porch. It turned out to be a blind Western Screech Owl with eyes that look like a starry night.

Little Owl?  Can’t find the picture source to give credit to the photographer.  Sorry!

Northern Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium gnoma) - photo: Milo Burcham Easter America and Canada

Short-eared owl in stretching and relaxing mode in Kuwait natural reserve

Mohamed Khorsheds beautiful owl picture nominated for nature photograph of the year

Koala Lula By Irina Vnukova - Koala Lula, growth standing22cm,It can be custom made. To order, write to me on email or facebook))) - It is sewed of beautifulGerman plush - Fixing paws and muzzle on the cotter pin -Filled with polyester and metal granulate - It has a good weight, weighted metal gr...

Koala Lula By Irina Vnukova - Bear Pile (you sure that's not a stuffy?

On the Christmas tree ..

rapace ж long-eared owl resting on a snow-capped tree (chouette hibou hiver arbre neige snow winter) collection bird of prey

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Owls - round-eyed in wonder at you :-)

Great Grey Owl  Her Chicks

Great Grey Owl Female and Chicks at Nest Photographic Print by Jeff Foott

Barred Owl hiding in plain sight. Those beautiful eyes!

camouflaged owl / barred owl peek-a-boo / Fine Art America by Jennie Marie Schell