Sadie Kane - I don't have a board for the Kane Chronicles. Its fandom isn't really large enough for there to be many things to pin. :(

Sadie Kane is a TRUE fighter. She has lost both her parents and has to help her brother train kids with the Blood of Pharaohs! That is hard for a 12 year old!

Rick Riordan - "I tried to think of something to say. Excuse me? Hello? Marry me? Anything would...". humor, romance, sadie, anubis

Rick Riordan - "I tried to think of something to say. Excuse me? Marry me?

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Happy New Year from our favorite author!!!

Happy New Year from our favorite author!GO RICK! Ur still a troll but ur the one and only troll we love-Grasassy Jackson


Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase. I seriously think that Rick should make a crossover series of this.

In this fanfiction, when the Avengers were fighting Loki and the Chit… Fanfiction

So that means that Apollo might've been Magnus' dad, and then Will would been his brother and Nico his future brother-in-law. Wow that's weird.

To quote Percy Jackson, We try not to think about who were related to in the godly side. It would blow your mind.

I always thought that the KAne Chronicles had an enormous scope,but then I read the books of Magnus Chase books and was like 'Now,THIS is a world! (Well,nine)'

Probably Carter and Sadie, if they are joined with Horus and Isis. And no, not the terrorists.