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This idea. | 31 Tumblr Posts About Harry Potter That Will Make You Laugh IRL

31 Of The Funniest Tumblr Posts About Harry Potter

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Sirius black Remus Lupin Albus dumbledore<-----something like this happened in an Avatar the Last Airbender episode one Katara turned Toph in for the reward but instead both Toph and Katara got imprisoned.

snape and lily potter easter egg - Google Search

Harry Potter Facts Once, in an online chat with fans, J. Rowling revealed that the third scent Hermione could smell emanating from the Amortentia (love potion) was that of Ron Weasley's hair.


Happy Potter and the Goblet of Giggles and Happy Potter and the Order of Puppies so funny! I can't stop laughing anymore hahahaha

why are they not real...and my friends?

Weasley: “You’re a prefect? Oh Ronnie!” George: “What are Fred and I? Next door neighbours?

Harry potter

Funny pictures about Detention card. Oh, and cool pics about Detention card. Also, Detention card photos.

Make Dark Marks haha

You laugh you lose THREAD 2 - Page 7

Yeah really.

When my kids are of age and have read the books, I will mail them a letter from Hogwarts saying they're on the waiting list or that their services are needed in the muggle world!

"We must go at the thing from the side while riding nargles to freedom." Haha

"We must go at the thing from the side while riding nargles to freedom.