darklyeuphoric: “  Just stumbled across a stash of Wes Jones’ pencil sketches for J,P:A’s Hesselink Guest Hut/Container House from 1994. Giggity! Lots more over at the frAC centre. ”

arquigraph: “ Jones, Partners : Architecture (Wes Jones) Hesselink Guest Hut/Container House Model, 1994 Jones, Partners have great examples of design thinking from the basic concept sketches to its.

Her dad had spent time with her, she was drawing floor plans by the age of 12 years old, she could have an engineer degree making a six digit pay check, she throw her life away in a bar at this time.

archisketchbook - architecture-sketchbook, a pool of architecture drawings, models and ideas - xaemaethx: Form:uLA · Bryan Cantley .

Unit 03 - Metamorphosis: Tract House - Wes Jones

Below are a selection of drawings and models which describe the 'Tract House'. A project completed in 1987 by Los Angeles based Architect W.


The architects drawings show the idea and plan that an architect has to make a change of an empty space. Architects are half of artists when it comes to architects drawings and sketches that are common everyday work to every architect.

Emotion School ™- Школа 3D графики (3Ds MAX)

Emotion School ™- Школа 3D графики (3Ds MAX)

Architectural Drawing: The Concourse

Architectural Drawing: The Concourse

An aerial perspective rendering for an early draft of The Concourse, on Beach Road in Singapore. Graphite and color pencil on sepia print, created between 1979

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Sketch for an Urban Street Apparatus that houses up to 10 individuals who wish to live on the street, by Mas Yendo