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Agradecida y muy feliz. I am thankful for nights that became morning, for friends that became family, and for dreams that became reality.


No pride or disability nor pride but simply because that longer fits in your life close the door change the disc clean the house dusting stop being who you were and transform into who you are Paulo Coelho

Lo que no te mata te hace mas fuerte...

Hay 2 tipos de dolor, uno es el que te lastima y el otro el que te cambia! There are two types of pain, one is the one that hurts you; and the other is the one that changes you!


Do not swap that which you most want in life for that which you want just in this moment. This moment will pass, life will go on.

Perder con clase y ganar con osadia

That's true 👌🏻 I have no words with this 😶 It's beautiful 👊🏻 It's on Spanish 😁😅 Charles Chaplin😄


never regret to meet different kinds of people. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give lessons, and marvelous people give you memories.


No hace falta tener un motivo para sonreír pero si para llorar.

Een wens verandert niets, een beslissing verandert alles

A desire doesn't change anything but a decision can change everything .