Freeway Park<br/>Photo by Charles Birnbaum:: ::The Cultural Landscape Foundation<br/><a href="/albums/freeway-park">View album</a>

maybe early design still classic urban water structure Freeway Park in Seattle combines lush landscaping with concrete containers, walls and a concrete water feature. Photo by Charles Birnbaum:: :: The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Base Pattaya by Sansiri. Landscape Architect » Redland•scape

The Base Central Pattaya (A)

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Home I By Asai Architects -

House I by Asai Architects Man I love the angles with these japanese creations. re: the buildings functionality and it's place on the plot, yet still architecturally interesting.


Caudra San Christobál stables, designed in 1966 by Luis Barragan. I use this idea of a design student for project - his work was a huge influence on my current design sensibility