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The Xiamen tiger is the most endangered species of tiger, with fewer than 50 suspected of living in the wild. They're also very small, only bigger than the Sumatran Tiger (which is my favorite).


The Kung Fu Panda trilogy is full of some kickass and often totally random animals;


Photography by shutupyourface (Jason Armstrong). This photo was taken in Cremorne Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia, with a Canon EOS Mark II.

And this…………..is why you CAN'T own a tiger. This primal need to kill is forever in their DNA. Leave them in the wild and admire from a great distance.

"See these ears go back & down? I'm REALLY angry with you!" Yorkshire Wildlife Park By: Dave learns his Dig SLR?

People have such difficulty with the colors of our skin. The "animal world" has virtually no prejudice toward the color of their fur. And we are the "advanced" ones.  Steve

Bengal Tigers - Best Friends - Both Endangered. Tigers are one of my favorite animals.


timefliestoday: White tiger walking in the snow II by (Tambako the Jaguar). Is it really a "white tiger" though? It has some color.


BENGAL TIGER Panthera tigris tigris ©a walk on the wild side nature photography/Michael “GOLDEN TABBY” an unusual color variation A golden tabby tiger is an extremely rare color variation caused by a.