restersimple: “ Juliette Gréco in Paris ”

Karl Bissinger Juliette Gréco, Paris 1948 I imagine us hanging out in the staff room interacting.maybe one homie looking over at the camera.

Salvador Dalí walking his anteater in Paris, 1969

Salvador Dali, Paris, 1969 i'm just walking my anteater, guys.

1Stack - 100 Years Of Change

Footage shot in various countries from by camera operators hired by the Lumière brothers' film company. Incredible to see people in this time frame walking about, caught on film. There is an endearing scene of a woman feeding pigeons.

Paris 1900 Photo: André Kertés

André KERTÉSZ :: Le Chartier du Quartier Latin, Paris n. [Poet Endre Ady had breakfast often here, Kertész went on to visit places where Ady had lived. This material was published in a book by György Bölöni in