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This was supposed to be the FUTURE!!!

This was supposed to be the FUTURE!!!


Bcuz stressed spelled backward is dessert! I have never noticed that before.

What day is it, Hump day, Wednesday. Definitely need to create a hump day care package.

Nobody is happier than a camel on Wednesday.cuz its Humpday! Get your Happy Humpday Camel from RowdyTease.

aka Moonwalk :)

"Backspace" available on t-shirts, clothing , wall art and iPhone cases.

This is an image of mice trying to spread the word about cheeses, which symbolizes religious followers who go around trying to spread the word of God. I chose this image because people will go door to door to spread word of their God to others. This image can relate to how on campus there are people passing out bibles and pamphlets about God.

23 of the Funniest Religious Memes/Cartoons

Funny pictures about Church mice. Oh, and cool pics about Church mice. Also, Church mice photos.

"Monday Blue" by ilovedoodle

"Monday Blues" by ilovedoodle This is how my Mondays work

Offensive Forrest Gump - life is like a box of chocolates it doesnt last as long

"Life is like a box of chocolates." It doesn't last as long for fat people - Offensive Forrest Gump - quickmeme