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ALZHEIMER: Identifican una proteína del cerebro con un papel fundamental en la pérdida de la memoria

Diabetes in Elderly People: Issues Managing Diabetes As You Age

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Waking and Dealing with Alzheimer a Families Real Life Accounts

THOUGHTS ABOUT MOTHER'S DAYS and HOLIDAYS by Kathy Ritchie. Mother’s Day is an awkward holiday. I say awkward because while I understand why we make such a fuss about this day, I can’t help but find it to be somewhat, well, insensitive — to put it bluntly, Mother’s Day is another reminder of what I, and others like me, don’t have.

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Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo

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Alzheimer's may be the most common form of dementia, with around people suffering from the disease, but it still a condition that a lot of people find difficult to talk about.

Changes to Your Relationship | Caregiver Center | Alzheimer's Association

As the disease progresses, your relationship with your spouse or partner who has Alzheimer's will change; however, your connection can still be rich and fulfilling. Spend time together in ways that bring you closer and help you relate.

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The Medical Paradigm Is Fatally Flawed: Modern medicine serves up every stage and aspect of life to Profit. After destroying the methods and knowledge of the old ways, what will be left to replace them?


sisters Vi Thi Dac and Vi Thi Cac of the northern province of Phu Tho.

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Love, Marriage and Illness - Relationships require understanding and this time illness, and an increasingly common Internet connection, has provided that understanding to a new couple who really needs it.

One Nova Scotia senior says there are some gaping holes in the province's new plan to help older Nova Scotians with everything from employment to eating healthy and remaining involved in their communities.

Mis bisabluelos

Mis bisabluelos

Qué es la demencia senil

Qué es la demencia senil

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