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necesito imágenes Chibi Nekos - Página 2 - Foro Anime ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring anime and manga

YES YES i admit it i got a thing for cat guys and cats ears

Shugo Chara - Amu & Ikuto *OhMySWOON!!* IKUTO!! Have mercy on my fangirl kokoro here! <3<3<3 KYAAAAA!!!

Shugo Chara - Amu & Ikuto and this is why I love the manga more than the anime!

Shugo Chara - Ikuto and Yoru :'(

i have once again fallen for ikuto and decided to color him in this part of the manga. but it shows that ikuto is now his true himself, n. Never Forgotten

Shugo chara, starting to watch

Hotori Tadase, Hinamori Amu, then Ikuto from Shugo Chara

Shugo Chara~ I know this isn't anime (it's the manga), but this is still sososososo cute!!!! XD

Shugo Chara [Ikuto x Amu]

Amu + Tadase <3 - Shugo Chara Wiki

Utau Hoshina