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Ave Fénix

Curious about the great firebird, the phoenix? Interested in the phoenix as a spirit guide? This hub covers the basic info of the phoenix, what the phoenix means as a spirit guide, and how to connect with the phoenix.

Resultado de imagen para fenix ser mitologico

Resultado de imagen para fenix ser mitologico


In ancient Chinese thought, summer was associated with the color red, the sound of laughing, the heart organ, the fire element and a red phoenix bird. (Me: This would make an awesome tat!

This is a recent cover for "The Chronicles of Avantia - First Hero", published by Scholastic... created digitally.

Rising from the ashes of it's predecessor, the phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes renewal, consecration and resurrection. Line art done on paper. The Phoenix

Rising of the Phoenix #usq #phoenix

A blue phoenix? It might be rather odd, but I believe as the legend goes a young phoenix newly risen from the ashes is blue and as it ages and approaches the close of 500 years its .

I got: Pheonix! What mythical Creature Would You Be?

What mythical Creature Would You Be?

Like the Phoenix, resurrected from its own ashes, I am bringing a part of myself back to life. I am a writer. Writing is what I do. It is something that needs to happen; like the flowing liq…

Try now we can only lose and our love become a funeral pyre...

Limerence by Claire C Riley Published by Breakwater Harbor Books March 2013 Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance On.


Tattoo commission for Firework phoenix. I wanted to create unique and powerful phoenix design, so I picked up design from my phoenix species which secretly are hidden in piles of doodles ad craps.


Phoenix Bird Stock Illustrations, Cliparts And Royalty Free Phoenix Bird Vectors

Haunted Herkimer Diamond Stone Silver Pendant, Very Rare Ancient Female Fire Fairy Djinn by AuroraCelestial on Etsy

Half sleeve inspiration...

An inspirational flying phoenix. a glow-in-the-dark tattoo like this would be amazingly beautiful (previous pinner / absolutely breathtaking).