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DIY Mini Birdcage DIY Birdcage

DIY mini birdcage DIY birdcage (need solder) then make a miniature clay bird



Paper straw box weaving. Very easy and very cool finished pieces. Could also roll magazines pages for "straws".

Surprise DIY: altes Geschenkpapier Covered box with magazine papers. This would take forEVER.

Nécesserie duas cores. Etiqueta com tecido estampado.

How to Make Stylish Fabric Handmade bags

NY Spender: Dolce & Gabbana's Knitted Handbags

There are so many beautiful knitted and crochet handbags in the high-fashion world. Purses, sachels, hobo bags, totes, you name it.

These Earth Day activity ideas for teens range from simple individual actions to ambitious group projects, all with the potential to help protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

10 Cool Ways for Teens to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day, April is a great time for teens to learn more about this beautiful planet on which we live and to take action in their own unique way. Here are 10 cool ideas for Earth Day activities.