Shyness - LMAO, soooo true dammit!

This is called civil inattention. We break eye contact after seconds in order to give others privacy. Holding eye contact for longer than 3 seconds will make the other person uncomfortable.


Soulmate Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : As the quote says – Description You remind me of all the gentle things in life.

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I see you are trying to help me , for a long time? its 2016 so to speak I was in coma or sth for how long?

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Some people are magic, and others are just the illusion of it. - Beau Taplin - The turn and the trick.


37 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change the World

Great movie lines from: Jerry McGuire Notting Hill As good as it gets Casablanca Fools rush in Gone with the wind The notebook My best friend’s wedding Dirty Dancing Titanic Sweet Home Alabama Forest Gump

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The lesson is simple. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones. The results will eventually speak for themselves.

I don't want to be called perfect, or beautiful, or special. That would be too easy. I want to know that I have spent time thinking of me, wondering about me, and imagining me.

You've made your mark...

Quotes I LOVE! “If the essence of my being has caused a smile to have appeared upon your face or a touch of joy within your heart. Then in living - I have made my mark.” Thomas L.

She loves the smell of warm coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings.”

This is SO me - except for 'bloomed roses, it'd be bloomed Russian olives". ❤️ She loves the smell of warm coffee, bloomed roses and new beginnings.