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Estado del Antiguo Oriente - Comunidad Imperial

assyrian king Sennacherib during the wars against Judah in the century AD.

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Assyrian soldiers Art - ID: 57934 - Art Abyss

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Xerxes the Great with Queen Esther

Historical Persian Queens, Empresses, Warriors, Generals of the Ancient Persia

Patesi Gudea de Lagash, Sumerian King. 2175 d.C.

Fringed kilt and cape denoted status, usually belted and sometimes beaded. Usually wore a cape and hat.

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Babylonian Soldier by Peter Connolly (Sumer/Mesopotamia/user: Aethon)

Beautiful Portraits Of The Ancient World

Beautiful Portraits Of The Ancient World

In Greek times Babylon was famous for the hanging or terraced gardens of the "new palace", which had been erected by Nebuchadnezzar II. These occupied a square which was more than a quarter of a mile in circumference. Great stone terraces, resting on arches, rose up like a giant stairway to a height of about three hundred and fifty feet, and the whole structure was strengthened by a surrounding wall over twenty feet in thickness. So deep were the layers of mould on each terrace that...

Stock Photo - King Nebuchadnezzar B.) stands in the area of his palace in Babylon that came to be known as the Hanging Gardens