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I am pinning this on 'Wolves', but this is not a wolf. Wolves do NOT have blue eyes. Every wolf you see that has blue eyes is probably a wolf dog hybrid, or good editing.

White Wolf

Arctic Wolves are a subspecies of Grey Wolves. Arctic Wolves are incredibly adaptive and versatile, able to survive year-round subzero temperatures. Due to the hostile environment in which they live, Arctic Wolves are the only subspecies of wolf that is n

Nice capture of the Beautiful  Cathedral Cove Beach, New Zealand on Place to see in your lifetime - discover some of my own pictures including the hike to get there: http://www.zigzagonearth.com/coromandel-cathedral-cove/

Cathedral Cove Beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand. The marine reserve attracts many tourists once in New Zealand. It is hard to capture the actual beauty of the beach in a picture, the photographers say.

Catching a scent...

Picture by Scott Moffatt Forlorn gray wolf in northern Ontario, Canada. This female, caught in a padded leg hold trap, is about to recieve a gps satellite radio collar. The individuals movements and predation events will be monitored as part of a.



27 Samoyeds For Anyone Who Needs A Little Fluff

Samoyed, a good hypoallergenic dog and they look like little polar bears! I want a polar bear dog!