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dragonfly tattoo designs for men and women. tattoos made ​​on different parts of the body. tattoo designs of different sizes, shapes and colors.

A dragon fly woman tattoo

A dragon fly woman tattoo .this is so Lovely.maybe the only tattoo I would make.but the ones you can take away after years, if I change my mind. but love it!


Submitted to the Toshiba: Cool for School Laptop Skin Design Contest Made in photo shop Floral Live brushes [link] Dragonfly laptop skin

...its spirit encapsulates beauty, awareness and freedom. People who choose this animal as a personal symbol – perhaps also getting a dragonfly tattoo – have a passionate, emotional life during their youth but as they become older they become more balanced, controlled and able to think clearly.

its spirit encapsulates beauty, awareness and freedom – dragonfly tattoo –