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As long as his actions back up his words

My Dad told me, "if a man cares about you, you won't ever have to wonder how he feels. He'll constantly remind you.


Im depressed, my crush likes this hot tamale, and he doesnt even look at me, she is perf, I am not perf.sad:( but I totally got over it!

Whoever came up with this - Is my hero!!

Brad Pitt isn't a Narcissistic Sociopath.big difference with the fuckboy I knew.

If you betray, deceive, hurt, use me, and I can't trust you. Then expect that I will remove myself from your life, without warning.

If you betray, deceive, hurt, use me.I remove myself from people's lives silently and gracefully.

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i just anna find a lowkey handsome guy with zero hoes and an inability to lie

He couldn't live up to my standards, so he had to go... no hard feelings. Just wanted someone who'd give me everything I know I'm worth!

🙌🏼 a GOOD woman (not girl lol) knows her worth, so don't try to crawl back now 😘 not weak or a doormat like where you settled. I left for a reason, worth more, baby.