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Petticoat breeches: Calzones enaguas empleados a finales del siglo XVII, bajo los cuales están los calzones atados por encima de las rodillas, adornados con cintas hasta las aberturas del bolsillo. Van hasta la mitad del largo de los calzones, alrededor de la cinturilla y de la camisa, colgando por fuera.

Leopold I in costume as Acis in La Galatea by Jan Thomas van Ieperen).

Leopold I of Austria had a fine example of the (in)famous Habsburg jaw

Emperor Leopold I (Leopold Ignaz Joseph Balthasar Felician) Jun May Holy Roman Empire in costume as Acis in the play “La Galatea” painting in 1667 by Jan Thomas. Child of Emperor Ferdinand III Holy Roman Empire & wife Maria Anna Aug May Spain.

Aaron, the Moor and slave to the queen of the Goths and empress of Rome, protects his unexpected child in Titus Andronicus. Description from michaeljroueche.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus requires us (and playgoers over the centuries) to suspend logic and reason, and serves up a unsavory helping of gore.

Metropolis: Late 17th Century Europe

Ancient Century Man with big curly hair with a big hat,long coat,the sleeves are heavily decorated with ankle boots

17th cent.- Canons on bottom of breeches-1650-1680

HENRY RICH Earl of Holland, wearing a falling band, breeches with canons and a doublet with slashing, and slap sole shoes Idea for baptistia