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European Medicines Agency - Human medicines - Gadolinium-containing contrast agents

European Union agency responsible for the protection of public and animal health through the scientific evaluation and supervision of medicines.

Epic Fail, Autism

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21728405_1517379728299495_591413586334714963_n.png.jpg 905×960 pixels

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It might sound crazy to the masses, but life extension is a real thing. The science, also known as anti-aging medicine, indefinite life extension, experimental gerontology, and biomedical gerontology, is the study of slowing down or reversing the processes that create aging. The result? Maximum and average lifespan extended. The question is, do we need tech? Or […]

Higher vitamin D levels linked to longer telomeres: Study

4 Questions that May Change Your Mind about Vaccines. | elephant journal

As you contemplate these questions and search for answers, stay low to the ground. Think like a scientist. Ignore the declarations and look at the data.