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Lemons and Limes

Lemon, lime and rosemary. I want to print a copy and frame it for my lemon kitchen. If I ever actually get around to making a lemon kitchen!

RECIPE + STYLING/COMPOSITION Limoncello ingredient shot - depends if meyer lemons are in season - probably have to be a 2-3 part shoot as it takes 40 days between steps!

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DON'T WASTE LEMONS: If you need only a few drops of lemon juice, avoid cutting the lemon in half — it will dry out quickly that way. Instead, puncture the fruit with a metal skewer and squeeze out exactly what you require.

spring = lemons!

I planted some a couple of weeks ago and now I have 12 little seedlings.

Limoncello in Italy, especially on Capri :)

This shot reminds me of the Italian limoncello - but the lemons were the size of footballs!


Lemonade Lemon variety: Developed in Australia, this lemon can be eaten straight from the tree, like an orange, but sweeter. Devoid of bitterness. Suitable for growing in pots as well as in the ground.