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Orbea x halipedicola

Orbea x halipedicola

Rare Beautiful Flowers | Orbea speciosa..

World's Most Beautiful Flowers Plants

Orbea speciosa.

Orbea speciosa.

Mis Plantas - My plants: Orbea Speciosa

Mis Plantas - My plants: Orbea Speciosa

Piaranthus geminatus

Piaranthus geminatus, a very diverse species with many flower sizes and shapes.


Orbea lutea - Yellow Carrion Flower is a succulent perennial with green (in full sun are mottled maroon to purple)

Stapelia flavopurpurea della famiglia delle Asclepiadacee

Stapelia flavopurpurea of Asclepiadaceae family


The leafless Stapelia pulchellus is a succulent plant endemic to Africa and Asia. It bears a very large and uniquely-patterned flower – one of the largest of flowers to be found on any species of succulent.

Orbea caudate

Orbea caudate (syn Stapelia caudate) by Loukie Viljoen

Orbea Halipedicola x Orbea Variegata

Orbea halipedicola x Orbea variegata

Piaranthus geminatus var. foetidus

Piaranthus geminatus var. foetidus


Looks like a starfish

Ceropegia fortuita

Ceropegia fortuita

Piaranthus  geminatus

A macro photograph of a Piaranthus geminatus flower from the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Orbea laticorona

Cok Grootscholten Succulent World .

Суккуленты - цветы пустыни

Stapelia sohineil y stapelia schinzii angolensis