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An APPLE a day keeps the boredom away http://clika.pe/l/4713/3634/

10 Ways to Put Your Retired iPhone to Work: Clock; Music in car;

**WHY NOT TO TAKE THIS SUPPLEMENT***Calcium is an alkaline earth metal that is used in mineralization of teeth and bones. Calcium is essential for all living organisms. Calcium supplements are often suggested to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diet. But, calcium supplements have a negative impact on the …

PetParents may be wondering which are the most dog-safe people medications that you can administer to your canine companions at home.

Narcissists game of intermittent reinforcement. Narcissist Abuse Recovery

War on Rats! New Zealand Pledges to Become Rat Possum Free by 2050 - Nature World News

Blendspace: Create lessons with digital content for your students. Good for project based learning, flipping your classroom, and differentiation.

Blendspace: This is an online tool for teachers to help organize and plan lessons. It organizes several ideas, videos, links, and more all in one place. It also has quizzing capabilities and can track student progress.