Figurative Paintings by Andre Kohn

Figurative Paintings by Andre Kohn

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Andre Kohn is a figure painter whose style is described as figurative impressionist.

Artist: Andre Kohn (Note: The paint technique itself, as opposed to simply painting the "rain", makes it appear as though there's a gusty storm. I thought this was a still from film where the lens had gotten seriously wet-over!

Even beffore meeting him, Chrystal dreamed of dancing with Will. A never ending dance with ever more complicated steps, leaving her head spinning even while awake. Their relationship in real life was no less dizzying. Artist: Andre Kohn

I had to pin this because it speaks to something visceral inside me and it beautifully emotes the essence of dance - wonderful art : Artist: Andre Kohn

This is the second painting I used to compare the trace and expressions of it. It looks like the artist its giving the impression of color versus the emotion of it.


Galleries in Carmel and Palm Desert California - Jones Terwilliger Galleries -Andre kohn

Wish I knew the artist's name

Andre Kohn - Born in Stalingrad in the heart of the former Soviet Union.--> I had my first Argentine Tango lesson today. It was very challenging, but in all of the right ways because I want to do this dance so badly.

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André Kohn is a Russian-born painter whose style is described as figurative impressionist. For biographical notes -in english and italian- by Kohn see: Andre Kohn, 1972

Dancing in the Rain Giclee 16" x 12"  Image used for the cover of Andre Kohns Book, The Endless World of a Moment....available through our website

This painting by Andre Kohn reminds me of my own carefree, childhood days. Kohn is a figurative artist originally hailing from Russia. He primarily paints with oils but from time-to-time, will switch to mixed media paintings.

Andre Kohn 1972 | Russian-born Figurative Impressionist Painter

Andre Kohn, 1972