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undertale, frisk, sans--Every time I see this, I laugh for an hour.

Dancetale by KrystellaLyle on DeviantArt

Dancetale by KrystellaLyle on DeviantArt LOL id love to see Sans and Papyrus dance XD<-----This is beautiful

sans from dancetale

Too much dancetale eh?Forgive me lol XD Not familiar with Dancetale? (Undertale AU)Go here! Artwork (C) Kiacii Dancetale AU (C) teandstars (OFFICIA.

Big Brother by AbsoluteDream.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Sans is that uncle.

Only Sans and his love for both hot dogs and cats

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What if we met Sans on the middle of the busy street. Don't ask questions, just take it. *slides it over the table*

Dancetale .:Sans: by Jenetik1 on DeviantArt

Read ~Chapter phone calls~ from the story Hurting Heart (Dancetale!Sans x Paralyzed!Reader) by (Gamer "Ri" Queen) with reads.

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YESSSS THE PUNS! - lol if ur reading this Audrey, this is just for you!~ xD<<< idk who Audrey is but 😂 I love it<<< me too oh my gosh

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