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Drawing folds tutorial (I learned how to draw fabric when I was in Art college). I never had experienc drawing but took class. Guess what. Now I am an artist.

Things to NEVER say to an artist.

Things to NEVER say to an artist. This is so accurate. Should include: "Can you draw this [character] for me?" "Do you draw anime?" "Ooh, is that." and "Did you draw that from sketch or from references?" I'm an artist this really bothers me

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Happens every time

An artist’s lament… every day in drawing. you are getting better everyday but still it's so true drawings always look completely different from inside ur head before u draw them

How to Draw Worksheets for The Young Artist: How To Draw A Birdbath Worksheet

How to draw a birdbath. A free parent teacher resource with a worksheet that can be printed on how to draw a garden birdbath.

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Fantastico!The Helpful Drawing thread.

Types of Folds - An Illustrated Tutorial from "Drawing People: How to Portray the Clothed Figure"  by Barbara Bradley

How to Draw Fabric Folds Tutorial by Barbara Bradley -- fantastic tutorial! Lots of different folds and angles addressed