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How Weird Is Our Solar System? Earth and its solar system compatriots all have nearly circular orbits, but many exoplanets orbit their stars on wildly eccentric paths. Is our home system strange? Or is our sense of the data skewed?

This hole, with a diameter slightly smaller than a U. dime, was drilled by NASA's Curiosity Mars rover into a rock target called "Telegraph Peak." The rock is located within the basal layer of Mount Sharp. The hole was drilled on Feb.

Leaked E-mails Show John Podesta Discussed Alien Technology with Former NASA Astronaut

Wide Field Imager view of the star formation region NGC 3582 x

An Alien Code May Be Hidden Inside Our DNA!

A truly wonderful collection of Space Images, along with some ambient music (a fave of mine.) Music By Chuck Wild Liquid Mind V: Serenity - Awakening. Images courtesy of ESA, NASA and The Hubble Space Telescope.

Un modelo teórico describe las fuerzas del vacío cuántico

Tudo sobre astronomia

Tudo sobre astronomia

¿Por qué se dice que somos polvo de estrellas?

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